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The B-52 Cocktail Table
B-52 Cocktail TableB-52 Cocktail Table

This genuine aircraft part has seen thousands of hours of service on the most serious missions that mankind has ever witnessed. It is a work of enduring beauty because of its aerodynamic design, in contrast to the apocalyptic threat which it helped to thwart. Mirror-like polished aluminum, solid mahogany frame and glass table top.

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B-52 Cocktail table detailB-52 Cocktail table detailB-52 Cocktail table detail

The B-52 Cocktail Table

Hand polished aluminum spinner from a B-52 bomber. Solid mahogany or cherry wood frame and customized glass table top. LED lights illuminate the floor underneath the spinner.
Diameter: 37”
Height: 31”
Table Top Height: 19”
Weight: 52 lbs

For more than 50 years, the B-52 Stratofortress has been the backbone of the strategic bomber force for the United States. The Soviet Union was never able to produce a comparable jet bomber.
As part of the 1991 START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) between the United States and Russia, 365 B-52 were flown to the “Boneyard” (Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center) at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Arizona. The bombers were chopped into five pieces by a heavy steel blade dropped from a crane. The guillotine sliced four times on each plane, severing the wings and leaving the fuselage in three pieces.


The ruined B-52s remained in place for three months so that Russian satellites could confirm that the bombers had been destroyed, after which they were sold for scrap.
This engine spinner (a fairing for the engine gear box) is one of a few which could be saved. It is an original that has seen thousands of hours in service. It has been stripped of all paint and hand polished to a mirror finish.


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