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The C-141 Wall Object
C-141 Wall Object

This is an original "Emergency Escape Hatch" from a US Air Force C-141 strategic transport aircraft. It has been polished to mirror-like finished and is mounted to a wooden frame made from solid mahogany. It plays aerial video clips in its window opening. The movies run from an SD card and the player can accommodate most video formats.

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C-141 Wall Object detailC-141 Wall Object detailC-141 Wall Object detail

The C-141 Wall Object

Hand polished aluminum emergency escape exit from a decommissioned USAF C-141 aircraft. Mounted to a wooden frame made from solid mahogany wood. A solid state video player feeds pictures or videos from an SD card to a monitor which is mounted behind the window opening.
Height: 41”
Width: 27”
Weight: 38 lbs

The Lockheed C-141 Starlifter was unveiled in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy. The Air Force started introducing the new type beginning in 1965. From then until 2006 it served as the mainstay of the US military airlift, participating in every operation from Vietnam to Iraqi Freedom.
The Starlifter became known as the "Hanoi Taxi" in 1973 after repatriating nearly 600 American Prisoners of War held in North Vietnam.


The C-141 has several emergency escape exits located in various places along the fuselage. One of them is circled red in the picture.


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