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The DC-9 Lounge Chair
DC-9 Lounge Chair

This original, aerodynamically shaped aluminum component from a DC-9 airliner was converted into an unusual, but very elegant and extremely comfortable lounge chair. Mirror-like polished aluminum, genuine mahogany wood and top quality napa leather add up to a beautiful piece of art for a classy home.

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DC-9 Lounge Chair detailDC-9 Lounge Chair detailDC-9 Lounge Chair detail

The DC-9 Lounge Chair

Hand polished aluminum structure of a decommissioned DC-9 airliner. Solid mahogany base and hand crafted mahogany lounge chair frame. Full grain napa leather and aircraft quality custom upholstery.
Length: 108”
Width: 23”
Height: 51”
Weight: 180 lbs

The DC-9 is a very successful commercial aircraft model, designed for short to medium distance flights. It made its first flight in 1965. Of the original DC-9 a total of 976 units were built. However, this number increases to over 2,400 in a 41 year production span if subsequent models, which were based on the initial design, are counted. The model range includes the MD-80, MD-90 and the Boeing 717, the latter after Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas in 1997.
The part used is called "horizontal stabilizer fairing".

DC-9 Part
DC-9 Part

By the time we rescued it from the “airplane bone yards ” in Tucson, Arizona, it had seen the world in tens of thousands of flight hours over a life span of almost four decades. We cleaned it and polished it to a mirrorlike finish. The picture shows two of these fairings while being polished in our shop.


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