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The KC-97 Propeller Sculpture
KC-97 Propeller Sculpture

This enormous propeller blade has helped to propel one of the most majestic airplanes which cruised the world’s skies in the fifties of the last century. Actually, the KC-97 is a military version of the Boeing 377. The world’s most prestigious airline at the time, Pan American World Airways, used the “Stratocruiser” to start its premier services to Hawaii and across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans after WWII.

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KC-97 Propeller DetailKC-97 Propeller DetailKC-97 Propeller Detail

The KC-97 Propeller Sculpture

Hand polished aluminum propeller used on a US Air Force KC-97 air tanker. Mounted to a sturdy steel frame which is covered by a hexagonal wooden base in walnut finish.
Total Height of Sculpture: 10 ft. 5”
Height of Propeller Blade: 8 ft.
Weight of Propeller Blade: 220 lbs.
Width of Propeller Blade: 15 ½”
Height of Wooden Base: 30”
Diameter of Wooden Base: 36 ¼”

The KC-97 “Stratotanker” was an aerial refueling tanker aircraft that was introduced to the USAF in 1950. The last one was retired from active service in 1978.

KC-97 Airplane
KC-97 Airplane

The civilian version was the Boeing 377 Stratocruiser which has its roots in the B-29 Superfortress. It flew for the first time in 1947. The Stratocruiser set a new standard for luxurious air travel with its tastefully decorated extra-wide passenger cabin and gold-appointed dressing rooms. A circular stair case led to a lower deck beverage lounge.
Pan American placed the first order for 20 Boeing 377 and began service between San Francisco and Honolulu in 1949.


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