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The T-6 Propeller Mishap
T-6 propeller mishap

This propeller blade comes from one of aviation’s classics. It has a story to tell, and it can do so right in your living room.
It is from a T-6 Texan WW-II era training aircraft. Quite a few of these are still flying today in the hands of collectors and air show pilots. This airplane had the mishap of a gear up landing on a grass landing field. It was a mild accident, the pilot did not get hurt and the aircraft suffered only minor damage. But the propeller blade is bent and twisted in a bizarre way which makes this a truly unique object.

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T-6 Propeller Mishap detailT-6 Propeller Mishap detailT-6 Propeller Mishap detail

The T-6 Propeller Mishap Sculpture

Hand polished (mirror-like) aluminum aircraft propeller which was bent in an accident. The propeller sits on a base made from solid mahogany wood with a sturdy steel support inside.
Height of Propeller Blade (if it were straight): 52 ½”
Height of Sculpture (including base): 57”
Width of Base: 26 ¼”
Height of Base: 17”

The North American Aviation T-6 Texan was an advanced trainer aircraft used to train pilots for the USAAF, the US Navy, the Royal Air Force and other air forces of the British Commonwealth at the onset of World War II. It stayed in service with the US Air Force until the late 50’s and served in several other countries until well into the seventies.


Because of its stable flight characteristics and the ability to perform aerobatics the T-6 is a joy to fly and the aircraft is very sought after in circles of aircraft collectors and air show performers. About 350 are still in airworthy condition in the US today.


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