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The story begins in the very first years of the new century. Renate und Dieter Canje were "commuting" between their homes near Cologne, Germany, and Palm Springs, California, where they spent a good portion of their time to oversee their businesses in the US.
Quite often they would visit friends in Tucson, Arizona. One day these friends introduced them to one of their neighbors who invited Dieter on a trip to one of the junkyards which existed adjacent the "Bone Yard" at the time. In Tucson, the "Bone Yard" refers to the "Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center" or AMARC.
Dieter was fascinated by this journey through aviation history. He discovered that many of the parts, which were going to be milled and melted, had value for people with a vivid interest in aviation. From a purely aesthetic point of view there were many components which could be turned into beautiful objects, some as pure pieces of art. Others could be transformed into classy and very unusual furniture with a practical use in an elegant home.
The Canjes began collecting components they found at aviation junk yards and polished them to a mirror like finish in one of their aviation related businesses in the Palm Springs area.
In 2005 they started work on their own aircraft design. Eventually MySky Aircraft, Inc., was formed to pursue the development of this airplane. Because many talents needed for such a project were found in Florida, the corporate headquarters was moved to the Spruce Creek Fly-in community, close to Daytona Beach, in 2008. A couple years later Renate and Dieter also moved here.

MySky MS1
Renate & Dieter getting ready for take off in MySky MS-1

The collection of polished airplane components followed after a while. Using in house talent from their airplane production facility together with artists and craftsmen in a variety of skills, they created beautiful aviation art and furniture featuring handcrafted solid wood and spectacular glass work.

MySky Team
The MySky development team in 2010. Dieter and Renate Canje on the right next to the fuselage.


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