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Dismantled KC-97
Dieter and Don looking at the remains of a dismantled KC-97.
C-121 cowlings
Dieter in front of several C-121 (Super Constellation) cowlings.
Boing 707 emergency door
Don holding a Boeing 707 emergency door.
KC-141 escape hatch
A C-141 emergency escape hatch at the junkyard in Tucson.
KC-141 escape hatch
Bill cleaning a C-141 escape hatch.
DC-9 stabilizer fairings
Three DC-9 horizontal stabilizer fairings at the Tucson junkyard.
DC-9 stabilizer fairings
The very same fairings as in the previous picture after being cleaned and polished to a mirror-like shine.
DC-9 chair
An early small scale model of the DC-9 chair. We eventually decided on a slightly different design.
DC-9 chair
The wooden mahogany frame for the DC-9 Lounge Chair under construction.
George has completed the wood work. The DC-9 Chair moves over to the upholstery department.
DC-9 chair
Now it is time to trim and fit the fine Italian leather.
DC-9 chair
The DC-9 Lounge Chair is completed. Polished to a mirror-like quality. Mounted to a solid mahogany wood base. The seat is covered with soft but durable aircraft quality Italian leather.


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