My Sky Collection

Showroom dedicated to the MySky Collection coming to the Spruce Creek Fly-In

Visit our new showroom with many MySky Collection Objects on display. You really need to experience these overwhelming pieces of art and their beauty first hand.
The showroom is located at 100 Cessna Blvd., Suite H, Port Orange, FL 32128, close to the Downwind Café. Please call us at 800.680.5713 for an appointment. We can arrange for a PPR landing permission if you want to fly in.
DC_9 Lounge Chair, B-52 Wall Sculpture, B-52 Cocktail Table
DC-9 Lounge Chair in the center, B-52 Wall Sculpture on the opposite wall, B-52 Cocktail Table in the front.
C141 Emergency Escape Hatch
C-141 Emergency Escape Hatches on the opposite wall.
B-52 Wall Sculpture
A closer look at the B-52 Wall Sculpture.
KC-97 Propeller Blade
A KC-97 Propeller Blade.
Propeller Blade Sculpture
Hellcat/Bearcat Propeller Blade Sculpture on solid mahogany base.


My Sky Aircraft, Inc.
3190 Steamboat Ridge Road
Port Orange, FL 32128
Ph:   800.680.5713
Fax: 321.747.0435


MySky Collection MySky Collection
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